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Moscow hosts fair of Kyrgyz food products

Fair of Kyrgyz food products is held in Moscow, near the cinema "Kyrgyzstan" on October 21-28, the press service of the Cabinet of the KR reported.

According to it, the fair visitors can enjoy a Kyrgyz mountain honey, mineral table water and national drinks, juice of direct extraction, buy fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and rice, as well as purchase products of folk artists in wood and leather.

It is noted that previously the Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Valery Dil instructed the Chamber of Commerce to determine the list of domestic producers and assist in the delivery of their products to Moscow to participate in the fair.

One of the main objectives of the fair, according to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, is the desire to acquaint residents and guests of the Russian capital with environmentally friendly products produced in the mountainous republic, as well as search for trade partners for long-term contracts for the supply of products.