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Ministry of Transport of Kyrgyzstan voices preliminary toll roads fees

The Ministry of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan presented preliminary calculations on the toll roads fees. Website of the ministry said.

It is noted that the regulatory need in financing the road industry is about 10 billion soms. It does not take into account the actual technical condition of the roads. With this in mind, the needed sum can be much higher.

«In such conditions, in order to ease the burden on the republican budget, it is necessary to introduce toll roads in the presence of alternative routes. Preliminary calculations show that funds received from toll roads will not be able to fully cover the requirements for their operation. The real solvency of the population is such that it can cover a maximum of 50 percent,» the message says.

A tariff within 0.56 tyiyn per kilometer for passenger cars and from 2 to 14 soms per kilometer for trucks, depending on the allowed maximum weight, can be set for the toll roads.

«All necessary amendments to the legislation are being prepared. In the next three weeks, the draft documents will be submitted for public discussion,» the Ministry of Transport promises.

Earlier, representatives of the ministry noted that, for example, the alternative north-south road could be paid. Issue of introduction of toll roads was discussed under the previous Prime Minister Sapar Isakov. However, no real steps have been taken in this direction.