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Kyrgyzstan’s road quality ranked 118th in world

Kyrgyzstan took the 118th place out of 140 possible in the quality of roads ranking compiled by the World Economic Forum. The data are presented in the annual Global Competitiveness Index.

Authors of the index noted that it assessed the road infrastructure of each country. It concerns as an increase in the number of highways so their quality. The minimum score is 1, the maximum score is 7.

Kyrgyzstan scored 2.8 points. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liberia, Cameroon and Venezuela have the same indicators.

As for the CIS countries, only Moldova has the worst indicators (130th place and 2.4 points) and Ukraine (123rd place and 2.7 points). Kazakhstan takes the 106th place with 3.2 points, Russia — 104th place and 3.3 points, Armenia — 85th place with 3.6 points, and Georgia takes the 80th place with 3.8 points.

Tajikistan (44th place, 4.5 points) and Azerbaijan (34th place, 4.8 points) have the best indicators in the index among the post-Soviet countries. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus are not included in the ranking.

No one received the maximum score. Singapore was recognized as the country with the best roads (6.4 points), Switzerland is ranked the second (6.4 points), and the Netherlands take the third place (6.2 points).

In the general competitiveness index, Kyrgyzstan took the 97th place with 97 points. During the year, the country rose by three positions. The republic has the worst indicators in terms of its ability to innovate (125th place), market volume (124th place) and financial system development (118th place).