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Number of legal migrants increases after Kyrgyzstan’s accession to EEU

After Kyrgyzstan joined the EEU, the number of compatriots legally working in Russia and Kazakhstan doubled. The Economy Minister of Kyrgyzstan Oleg Pankratov said at a meeting of Respublika-Ata Jurt parliamentary faction.

According to him, if in 2014 only 33 percent of migrants from Kyrgyzstan worked legally in these countries, then up to 61 percent officially got a job in 2016.

In 2017, the volume of remittances from migrants also increased; it grew to 2,480 billion soms. For comparison, the country received transfers of 1,068 billion soms in 2016.

After joining the EEU, our migrants began to get high-paying jobs in trade and banking.

Oleg Pankratov

«Our citizens work without a license in EEU countries and have access to social security and medical insurance,» the minister said.

He noted that even one of the main fears did not materialize after joining the EEU — large markets Dordoi and Kara-Suu did not close.