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Ombudsman voices main causes of suicides in children in Kyrgyzstan

Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tokon Mamytov voiced the main reasons for suicides in children to journalists. The day before, he presented reports for 2016-2017 in Parliament.

According to ombudsman, children put a halter around their own neck, swallow tablets and jump from skyscrapers because their own families do not understand them.

«Family quarrels and disagreements with parents are the main causes of suicides among children in Kyrgyzstan. The children committed suicide for the following reasons: 40 — after a quarrel with their parents, 7 — due to their living separately from their parents, 4 — due to illness, 2 — due to material problems. Reasons for 23 suicides were not established,» said Tokon Mamytov.

He noted that at least 95 juvenile suicides were registered in 2016: 56 — among boys and 39 — among girls. At least 92 of them were schoolchildren and 3 — college students.