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Kyrgyzstan takes 5th place among top 10 best travel destinations for 2019

Kyrgyzstan takes the 5th place in top 10 the best travel destinations in the world for 2019. LonelyPlanet revealed  the ranking.

Sri Lanka takes the first place in the list, Germany — the 2nd, the third and fourth — Panama and Zimbabwe. Kyrgyzstan takes the 5th place, which has gained popularity, as said on the portal’s website, thanks to the World Nomad Games 2018.

LonelyPlanet points out such factors as the upgraded national highways, which reduces travel time from one point to another, and a simplified e-visa program for citizens of countries that are not on the list of 60 visa-free countries, as advantages of the republic.

«Kyrgyzstan is quickly becoming an in-the-know favorite for independent travelers seeking unspoilt natural beauty,» LonelyPlanet says.

Kyrgyzstan is followed by Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus. Experts recommend tourists to visit the capital of this state, the hero-city of Minsk. According to the portal, the old part of the city with its quaint town hall is attractive.

Sao Tome and Principe — a state located on the African continent, and Belize island in the Caribbean close the list.