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Minister of Internal Affairs criticizes the police of Kyrgyzstan

Interior Minister Kashkar Dzhunushaliev criticized a number of units on the basis of results of work in the third quarter of 2018. Press service of the ministry reported.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs held a board meeting the day before. It discussed the results of operational activities of the internal affairs bodies, in particular, deficiencies in the organization of operational activities, ensuring public safety and crime prevention in public places.

The work of the heads of the Public Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the criminal police, service for the fight against drug trafficking, countering extremism and terrorism, the police department of Bishkek and Chui region, and the police department of Jalal-Abad region were severely criticized.

«Following the results of 9 months of 2018, operational meetings were held in the regions. According to the decision of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 20 heads of services and divisions of internal affairs agencies were punished for serious deficiencies in the organization of operational activities. Activities of some managers will be reviewed at the board meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs following the results of 2018,» the message says.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the Minister of Internal Affairs Kashkar Dzhunushaliev noted that all the heads of services and departments of the internal affairs needed to be taken under special control of the board. All decisions of the Security Council must be implemented at a special level.

«In a short term, it is necessary to draw up an action plan to eliminate the detected deficiencies. I will demand a report on the execution of the tasks at the next board meeting,» warned Kashkar Dzhunushaliev.