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About 30% of people serve time in jail due to incorrect expert opinions

«One signature of an expert can damage a person’s fate. About 30 percent of people in Kyrgyzstan are serving their time in jail as a result of the wrong conclusions of experts,» the parliament deputy Irina Karamushkina said at a round table discussion today.

According to her, there are many comments to the forensic examination, in particular, to the quality of its implementation.

«For example, there are no necessary reagents in the morgue. DNA tests are done in Kazakhstan. There are many citizens in prisons who are waiting for the results of such an examination. Adina Turdubaeva is in the women’s colony on charges of fraud. She was sentenced to 17 years. The woman has cancer. One examination gave a conclusion that she has a tumor of 4th grade, other experts claim that she has cancer of the 2nd grade and she can be in prison with this disease. We have many stories when experts make illegal decisions, affecting the fate of the people,» said Irina Karamushkina.

Work of an independent state body to which a forensic medical examination will be handed over is discussed in Bishkek.