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46 Kyrgyz citizens left without money and job in Turkey

At least 46 Kyrgyz citizens were left in Turkey without money and job. They appealed to the media for help.

According to them, they were employed by Fiesta Service company. But it deceived the workers.

A group of Kyrgyzstanis had been working for 3 months at Avantgarde Resort hotel in Kemer, but after the expiration of the contract, the workers did not receive a salary.

«We were told at the hotel that we must solve the issues through the one who hired us. But the director of Fiesta Service disappeared. His phone is turned off, no one picks up the phone either in the Bishkek office. We had to turn to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, but our request was ignored,» the Kyrgyz citizens say.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan explained to 24.kg news agency that the embassy could not help, Kemer was under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan, which is located in Istanbul.

«It is 7.00 in the morning in Turkey now. Consulate staff will arrive at the scene and sort out the situation. But it’s strange that our citizens never seek advice or recommendations from specialists at the Foreign Affairs Ministry when they go to work abroad, they don’t know their rights and laws of the host country,» the ministry explained.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry stressed that the Consul General would meet with the citizens of Kyrgyzstan and only after that it would be possible to draw any conclusions.