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Kyrgyzstan takes 76th place in Human Capital Index

Kyrgyzstan takes the 76th place in Human Capital Index. The World Bank published the results of a new study.

«Human capital is often the only kind of capital that the poorest people have. The index directly links improved health and education outcomes with productivity and economic growth. I hope that it will encourage countries to take urgent measures aimed at increasing the volume and effectiveness of investments in the population, particularly in the young people,» said Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group.

Financing of health care, education, labor productivity, and other investments in human capital bring dividends only over time.

Kyrgyzstan takes the 76th place in the list of 157 countries. First place is occupied by Singapore, the USA take the 24th place, Kazakhstan — the 31st , Russia — the 34th. The Republic of Chad takes the last place.