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Bishkek residents ask president to stop construction of multi-storey house

Residents of the 7th micro district of Bishkek ask the president to stop construction of a multi-storey house. They hung the corresponding banners at their house 26.

«A 12-storey building is planned to be built on the corner near our house. This is not the first attempt. Earlier, the city administration wanted to build a house. We have managed to stop construction, there are trials. A private company wants to do the same now. The developer has all the documents. But why nobody takes into account the interests of residents? They want to build a house near the intersection. A kindergarten for visually impaired children is nearby. We are totally against it. From the middle of July, as we learned that there will be construction, we are appealing to all instances, there are replies that the company has all the permits. We hope that the president will pay attention to our problem,» said local resident Symbat Kanimetova.