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Kyrgyzstani sentenced to 18 months of correctional labor in Moscow

A taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan, who hit pedestrians in Moscow, was sentenced to 18 months of correctional labor. TASS reported.

Tverskoy Court of Moscow considered the criminal case against Chyngyz Anarbek uulu according to a special procedure, since the defendant fully pleaded guilty. As a result, he was sentenced to 18 months of correctional labor.

Chyngyz Anarbek uulu was deprived of the right to drive vehicles for three years, he must pay 500,000 rubles to the victims.

A native of Kyrgyzstan, Chyngyz Anarbek uulu, hit people on Ilyinka in the first days of the FIFA World Cup. The taxi driver was accused of violating the traffic rules, causing by negligence the infliction of grievous bodily harm.

Chyngyz Anarbek uulu hit nine people on the sidewalk, including two citizens of Mexico. No one died. After the incident, the driver tried to escape, but he was detained. The Kyrgyz citizen stated that he had dozed off and had mistaken the gas pedal for the brakes, since he had been at the wheel for about 20 hours.