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Traveler from Russia tells about Karakol city

Traveler Boris Starikov shot a video about Karakol city. The video about the visit of the video blogger to Issyk-Kul region was posted on his channel.

«During our trips, we visited our neighbors — Kyrgyzstan. Tourist center is Karakol city, the former Przhevalsk. The city flourished at one time. Everything is different now. The short video will give an idea not only about life in Karakol, but also about life in Kyrgyzstan as a whole, because even Bishkek is not much in better condition,» Boris Starikov said.

The traveler often visits the cities of Central Asia and makes small videos about life in them. The video about Kyrgyzstan is the only one. Viewers have already asked the traveler in comments to shoot a video about Bishkek.