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Kyrgyzstanis ask president to declare 2019 the Year of Ecology

Residents of the country ask to declare 2019 the Year of Environmental Protection and Green Economy in Kyrgyzstan. Petition posted on change.org website says.

The authors of the petition, Ekodemi Public Foundation, stress that a group of enthusiasts is ready to work together on a program to protect the environment.

It is necessary to prohibit harmful industries that poison the air, water, soil, adversely affecting everything alive around, primarily the humans, wildlife, woody plants, rivers and lakes.

«System of fines, certification of resorts and more is still imperfect. No one watches the number of faulty cars that poison us with exhaust gases. There are many problems, and we will not be able to solve them for a year, but if we start systemic changes from 2019, the first results can be seen as early as in 2020,» the authors note.

Earlier, Svetlana Nazarenko, a soloist of Gorod 312 group and Erkin Bulekbaev, the Chairman of the Green Party, made a similar proposal to announce the Year of Ecology in Kyrgyzstan.