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Kyrgyzstan takes 78th place in Social Progress Index 2018

Kyrgyzstan took the 78th place in the Social Progress Index 2018, compiled  by the Social Progress Imperative international research project, measuring the achievements of the countries of the world in terms of their social development.

Over 50 indicators divided into 3 groups are taken into account in determining the success of a country in the field of social progress:

  • Basic human needs;
  • Foundations of wellbeing;
  • Opportunities for human development.

The index measures the achievements of each country on a scale from 0 (lowest degree of sustainability) to 100 (highest degree of sustainability).

In 2018, Kyrgyzstan took the 78th place out of 146 with 65.79 points.

According to the project researchers, the country’s social strengths are nutrition, access to basic medical care, shelter, access to water, sanitation, access to basic knowledge, information and communications.

At the same time, indicators of the level of personal safety of the population, health and wellness, environmental quality, level of personal freedoms and inclusiveness are average for the region.

Kazakhstan takes the 71st place with 67.26 points, Uzbekistan — the 98th place (59.55 points), Tajikistan — the 106th place (53.09 points). Russia is the 60th, having improved its position by 7 points (67th place — in 2017).

The leader of the ranking is Norway.

The top ten also include Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and New Zealand.