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Kyrgyzstan loses international reserves

In the first nine months of 2018, the gross international reserves of Kyrgyzstan decreased by $ 85.85 million — to $ 2,090.64 billion. Website of the National Bank reported.

In September, Kyrgyzstan lost other $ 37.2 million of its reserves. This is partly due to the fact that last month the National Bank intervened by the sale of currency to smooth growth in dollar exchange rate. At least $ 19,650 million were sold on the market.

In 2018, reserves are only reducing. In January, the figure was $ 2,220.44 billion.

In addition to currency operations of the National Bank in the domestic exchange market, other factors also have an impact on the reserves. For example, these are revenues received from managing international reserves, changes in foreign currencies rates that make up the reserves, and gold prices, operations on purchase of gold in the domestic market of Kyrgyzstan, payments on foreign obligations of the country and currency receipts in favor of the government.