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Parliament deputy offers to introduce visa-free regime for tourists from China

Deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan offers to provide tourist groups from China with visa-free regime. Deputy Makhabat Mavlyanova made the proposal today at a meeting of the Parliament.

According to her, there is a big migration in Kyrgyzstan, because the state cannot provide people with work. Creation of new jobs requires a lot of money and effort. The deputy proposed a solution to the problem, which does not require large funds.

«We often repeat that we have a good tourist potential. In many countries, tourism accounts for 30 percent of GDP, we have much less. There is evidence that tourists from China make up a large percentage of the GDP of many countries. For many years, Russia and Kazakhstan have been using a visa-free system for group visits of tourists from China. At the same time, travel companies take responsibility for their departure from the country. Why can not we use this potential in the field of tourism? The Migration Service and the State Committee for National Security fear that those arriving may remain in our country. But we must look at the other side. We must ensure the departure of those who come to Kyrgyzstan as a tourist,» Makhabat Mavlyanova stressed.