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Bishkek residents demand to return right to register house land plots

Residents of Bishkek held a rally demanding to repeal a government decree banning the registration of adjoining land plots.

Kalicha Umuralieva, Chairperson of Nashe Pravo Public Foundation, noted that the government decree banning the registration of house land plots was adopted in the interests of developers, in order to seize the land.

«Residents of apartment buildings can not get documents for house land plots now. In the case of court proceedings, the court may say that this land does not belong to the residents, and seize it legally,» she noted.

According to her, the Prosecutor General’s Office decided to cancel the decree, but the government is in no hurry to do it.

Kalicha Umuralieva noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office should file a lawsuit because the Cabinet did not execute prosecutorial response act.