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Authorities can’t find money for families of killed in Great Patriotic War

The government of Kyrgyzstan can not find money for families of those, who died during the Great Patriotic War, who want to visit grave sites of their relatives. This was announced today at a meeting of the Parliament.

According to the deputy Natalya Nikitenko, only 3 million soms annually is needed, and not 20 billion soms as the Cabinet officials say.

«Who made these calculations? Can we set a quota and allocate funds? As soon as it comes to history or culture, no one needs anything. Are we going to save on veterans of the Great Patriotic War? » she was indignant.

She was supported by the leader of Ata Meken faction Almambet Shykmamatov. He said that this was irresponsibility of the government.

«We spend tens of millions of soms on feasts, and there is no money for the relatives of those who died on the battlefields of the war in order they to honor the memory of their ancestors. How can this happen?» Almambet Shykmamatov asked.

He added that huge sums were being spent on business trips of government members, and proposed to pass a law providing for a limit.

A number of deputies demanded to return amendments to the Law on Veterans of War, Armed Forces and Homefront Workers to the second reading.