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Son of Altynbek Sulaimanov invited to play for New York hockey club

A 9-year-old hockey player of the junior national team of Kyrgyzstan Nurtemir Sulaimanov was invited to the hockey club Aviator (New York).

Nurtemir Sulaimanov is a trainee of the hockey club Alga Bishkek. At the age of 7, Nurtemir was selected for the hockey club SKA St. Petersburg. He acted in the top five, becoming the leader in the attack, and got a nickname «small Ovechkin.»

In the summer of 2018, Nurtemir attended a summer training camp of the hockey club New York Rangers, where he drew attention of the coaches of the youth structure of Aviator club. He has already managed to play six games and score eight goals that is a record in the league.

Nurtemir is the son of the leader of Bir Bol parliamentary faction Altynbek Sulaimanov.