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How much have the Abirovs earned on coal supplies for Bishkek HPP

Young member of SDPK, Zhanybek Abirov, became the Speaker of Bishkek City Council. Even before his appointment, he became famous for having renounced his father-businessman. As Zhanybek Abirov later explained, he did it for security reasons.

Bolotbek Abirov heads Rassvet Company, which supplies coal to the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant.

In 2014, the heating plant was supplied with coal by Progress Company. It was also headed by Bolotbek Abirov. First, the company supplied 487,000 tons of coal for $ 40.9 per ton. Electric Stations JSC paid $ 7.8 million for an additional supply of 145,000 tons.

After a scandal, the firm was liquidated and a new one, Rassvet Company, was created. In 2015, it supplied 900,000 tons of coal for $ 50.8 million. In 2016, it received $ 47.7 million for the same amount.

In 2017, supply of imported coal was halved. The supplier was Rassvet Company again. It sold 450,000 tons for 1.6 billion soms. In 2018, about 400,000 tons of coal were purchased for Bishkek HPP through the same intermediary company. The contract amount is 1.4 billion soms.

According to rough estimates, the Abirovs have supplied 3.2 million tons of coal to Bishkek HPP for more than $ 170 million since 2014.