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Youth of Kyrgyzstan considers WNG as main event of 2018

The youth of Kyrgyzstan considers the 3rd World Nomad Games as the main event of the year in the country. The National Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) came to such conclusions on results of a survey.

It is noted that NISS together with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) conducted a sociological survey among the youth of Kyrgyzstan via SMS to find out the attitude towards the WNG. The study involved 302 respondents.

At least 76.9 percent of the polled responded positively about the World Nomad Games, taking them as the main event of the year in Kyrgyzstan.

Including 57 percent of the young people consider the WNG as a world-wide event that attracts tourists, and 19.9 percent noted that the Games raised the spirit of the people.

At the same time, 19.5 percent of the young people spoke about the event negatively. About 12.6 percent of them believe that this is an unjustified waste of money. In addition, 6.3 percent think that there are events more important than the World Nomad Games in the country.