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Missile systems Iskander-M delivered to Kyrgyzstan

Russia has redeployed Iskander-M missile systems to the drills in Kyrgyzstan. RIA Novosti reported.

Iskander-M operational and tactical missile systems were for the first time redeployed from the Urals to Kyrgyzstan to participate in the joint anti-terrorist exercises of the security agencies of the CIS member states Issyk-Kul Antiterror 2018.

During the drills, the missile men will perform combat launch at the base camp of conditional terrorists at Edelweiss mountain range.

Iskander-M is designed to hit small and area targets: missile systems, multiple-launch rocket systems, long-range artillery, aircrafts and helicopters at airfields, command posts and communication centers at distances of up to 500 kilometers.

Earlier, a battalion-tactical group of the Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Central District has been redeployed from Tuva to participate in the drills.