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Food prices in Bishkek almost like in Moscow, but salaries - 4 times lower

The National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan analyzed the prices of basic food products in four cities of the Eurasian Economic Union — Bishkek, Astana, Moscow and Minsk. It turned out that prices in the capital of Kyrgyzstan are almost similar to other capitals, but salaries are much lower.

The National Statistical Committee notes that the maximum average consumer prices for basic food products in August 2018 were in Moscow. With the exception of eggs, which cost $ 1.02 in Minsk. At the same time, the maximum average consumer price in August 2018 for beef ($ 5.63) was registered in Moscow, and the minimum — ($ 4.17) in Minsk.

But comparison of the purchasing power of the population is clearly not in favor of Bishkek. Because of low wages (only $ 328), we can buy 2.8 times less than in Moscow.