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Kyrgyzstan ranked as country with unhealthiest cuisine

Kyrgyzstan was included in the ranking of countries with the unhealthiest national cuisines, compiled by the journalists of RIA Novosti.

According to experts, Kyrgyzstan has an extremely simple and harsh cuisine: rice, meat, bread and pastries, including fried ones. People eat very little vegetables and fruits — most of them are exported.

One of the most high-calorie cuisines is in the Czech Republic. The national cuisine of the USA takes the 2nd place, in which burgers, pastas and pizzas predominate, as well as all kinds of Chinese cuisine with fried rice.

Germany is one more country with fatty food: pork shank, sausages, schnitzel and a lot of beer. The cuisine in Belgium is similar to German: stewed rabbit meat, steaks and goulash.

The most obese country is Hungary. Goulash, meat, baked pasta, chicken paprika that the locals season with various spices and sauces, predominate in its traditional cuisine.

Arab countries were included in the list of the unhealthiest cuisines of the world because of soup, lulah kebabs and eastern sweets. Belarus found its place in the same list because of the addiction of its inhabitants to dishes from potatoes.

The list of cuisines with unhealthy food also includes Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.