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Bir Bol parliamentary faction decides on candidate for ombudsman’s post

The parliamentary faction Bir Bol decided on a candidate for the post of ombudsman. Deputies of the faction nominated Rita Karasartova as a candidate.

Rita Karasartova is a well-known civil activist. She heads the Institute of Public Analysis and often speaks on the most burning issues.

Earlier, Rita Karasartova had already run for the post of the country’s chief human rights activist, however, Kubat Otorbaev took the post.

The human rights activist presented her program. According to her, the ombudsman exercises control over observance of constitutional rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen. Rita Karasartova counts on the support of the Parliament.

Earlier, another candidate for ombudsman, a nominee of Ata Meken faction, lawyer Kanatbek Aziz, presented his program. Other applicants did not present their programs.