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Kyrgyzstan blocks 16 websites spreading extremist materials

At least 16 websites spreading extremist materials were closed in Kyrgyzstan. This was announced today at a session of the Parliament.

Representatives of the State Committee for National Security and the 10th Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that they had detected 51 information resources, where the prohibited materials were placed. The court ruled to block 16 websites. In addition, eight accounts on social networking sites were closed.

The SCNS admitted: it is very difficult to track a real user of the social networks. It just has to block access to the Internet, but this is a temporary measure, because extremists have several IPs.

Deputy Irina Karamushkina asked how many people were detained for extremism. It turned out that there were 40 of them. Criminal cases were instituted against them on the grounds of possession of prohibited literature.

The SCNS admited that the only body in the country that was authorized to conduct an examination of religious content brochures was the State Commission for Religious Affairs. But its assessment is not of a legal nature, so the security officers use its data only as recommendations.