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MFA to send note of protest to Kazakhstan due to checks of Kyrgyzstanis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan promises to send a note of protest to Kazakhstan because of total checks of our citizens at the airports of the neighboring state. The head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Erlan Abdyldaev said this today at the session of the Parliament.

According to the deputy from Bir Bol faction, Ulugbek Ormonov, the employees of the Border Service treat Kyrgyz citizens in a boorish way at Kazakhstan’s airports.

«About 30-40 people stand in queues there, there are many women with small children. Check of a passport of our citizen takes sometimes a half an hour,» the deputy said.

That’s outrageous! Why does MFA not react? Kazakhstani border guards do not even pay attention to diplomatic passports.

Ulugbek Ormonov

The Foreign Affairs Minister promised to settle this issue in the near future. The deputy recalled that the procedure had become tougher a long time ago, but the Foreign Affairs Ministry did not take any countermeasures.