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Driver from Kyrgyzstan rams into pedestrians in Moscow, 5 people in hospital

A driver of a car rammed into a group of pedestrians on Novocherkassk highway in Moscow yesterday morning. At least five people were injured. Driver of Volkswagen Polo was a native of Kyrgyzstan Bekzhan Sarbishev. The law enforcement agencies of Russia reported.

According to preliminary data, the car hit two pedestrians on the crosswalk, then entered the sidewalk, where the people stood.

The driver was detained. According to an expertise, the native of Kyrgyzstan was not drunk. There was no alcohol in his blood.

Bekzhan Sarbishev himself told during the interrogation that he was a citizen of Russia. He got into the car running away from his countrymen — citizens of Kyrgyzstan. According to his testimony, a quarrel occurred between the labor migrants in a tea house, the conflict turned into a fight. He ran away, got into the car and drove away. According to Bekzhan Sarbishev, he did not understand how he ended up on the sidewalk with many pedestrians.

As the police noted, all the victims were hospitalized with different injuries.