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Guests of WNG 2018 send over 5,000 postcards and letters

More than 5,000 postcards and letters scattered around the world from the 3rd World Nomad Games. Kyrgyzpochtasy company reported.

According to the organization, the post offices were located at Cholpon-Ata hippodrome and in the ethnographic camp Kyrchyn.

«Tourists from different countries, buying stamps and postcards, told that sending letters by post was something trembling and fascinating, that’s why they became participants of Postcrossing project. Most of the guests were admired by the beautiful landscapes of our homeland, by the traditions and culture of the Kyrgyz, and by the fascinating Nomad Games,» the company noted.

Kyrgyzpochtasy told that postcrossing was a project created for the possibility of receiving postcards from around the world. The basis for the exchange of postcards is the uniform base of all project participants, as well as the mechanism for issue of addresses, aimed at ensuring a minimal difference between the sent and received postcards from each participant. At the same time, there is an indirect exchange system in postcrossing, that is, sending postcards to users, a participant receives them from the others.

According to the latest data, more than 676,000 people from 208 countries, including Kyrgyzstan, have registered as participants of the project.