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Wife of former bodyguard of Atambayev behind illegal gold mining

A firm, owned by the wife of former bodyguard of ex-Kyrgyz President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev Erkin Mambetaliev, Aichurok Adieva, is behind illegal gold mining at Naiza field in Chatkal district. Azattyk reported.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the founders of Muraz Sintez firm, which intends to extract gold in the territory of Besh-Aral nature reserve, are Sultan Saktanov and Aichurok Adieva.

«Aichurok Adieva is the wife of the former bodyguard Erkin Mambetaliev, who was sentenced to life imprisonment. But then he was released. She also owns Unity Gold Mining. In 2015, together with Kyrgyzaltyn JSC, it participated in the competition for a license to develop Jerooi. In 2012, her brother Meerbek Adiev was charged with beating up the journalist Shaiyrbek Mamatoktorov,» Azattyk informs.

Earlier it was reported that the district prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the construction of a road in Besh-Aral state reserve in Chatkal district of Jalal-Abad region, which leads to the gold field Naiza. As a result, a fine of 5 million soms was imposed on the company Muraz Sintez for cutting 80 trees and 200 shrubs.

It became known that a criminal case was opened against the officials of the district for abuse of office. Investigation into the transfer of land for gold mining in the reserve is conducted by the regional prosecutor’s office.