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UK Embassy does not send note of protest because of Attaché robbery

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Kyrgyzstan commented to 24.kg news agency on the incident involving the Defence Attaché of Great Britain, who was stolen expensive property from a tent in Kyrchyn Gorge during the World Nomad Games 2018.

According to the ministry, this issue is not in their competence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not take it under control.

«The UK Embassy did not send a note to us. In addition, the diplomat was warned that he had to set up a tent in Kyrchyn area, where the accredited foreigners were accommodated. He did not want, and no one could force him,» the Foreign Affairs Ministry noted.

The ministry added: the police immediately told the victim that they could not ensure the safety and security of the things of the diplomatic employee, since his tent was in a wrong place.

The search for criminals continues.