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Jalal-Abad resident sentenced to 5 years in jail for participation in Syria war

Jalal-Abad City Court sentenced a local resident to five years in prison under the Article — Participation of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan in armed conflicts or military actions in the territory of a foreign state of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. The regional court reported.

The verdict indicates that the man, having left for work in Russia, got interested in radical video clips. Then he began to communicate on a social networking site with a representative of an international terrorist organization, then illegally left for Syria through Turkey.

«The man joined the members of ISIL in Syria, learned to handle weapons, was wounded. When he decided to leave Syria for Turkey, he was detained at the border by law enforcement agencies and was extradited to Kyrgyzstan,» the court’s verdict says.

The defendant pleaded guilty and repented of the deed. He said that he constantly went to Friday namaz in Krasnoyarsk and got acquainted with one of the parishioners in the mosque. He showed him videos and said that the Americans were bombing the Muslim brothers in Syria.

«I was persuaded to help the brothers, they said that they would pay me $ 500 for this. After I arrived in Kyrgyzstan, I wanted to marry and go to Syria with my wife. Since I had not enough money, the wedding was postponed. Then I followed the route Krasnoyarsk-Moscow-Istanbul and then left for the zone of armed conflicts from there. I was wounded. When I was treated in a hospital, I fled to Turkey. In order to escape from ISIL, I had paid $ 1,500,» the defendant confessed.