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MIA announces increase in Kyrgyzstanis in extremist organizations

The facts of transfer of Kyrgyz citizens to countries, where armed conflicts are taking place — Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, were not registered in 2018. The head of the Theological Support Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Erlan Bakiyev told today.

According to him, the issue of returnees and families of terrorists in Syria and Iraq is acute today.

«Unfortunately, the women fall into the ranks of terrorists and extremists. They, along with the men, actively promote radical ideas, create women’s groups. As of today, 7.4 percent of all detected active members of extremist organizations are women. At least 24.9 percent of the total number of emigrants are women,» Erlan Bakiyev said.

He noted that the reason for joining terrorist organizations and participation of Kyrgyzstanis in armed conflicts is the low level of religious education among the minors and the youth, lack of proper upbringing and attention from parents, and the negative impact of the Internet.