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State Penitentiary Service: Kyrgyzstan has almost 11,000 convicts

There are 10,959 convicts in Kyrgyzstan. The report of the State Penitentiary Service says.

According to it, Kyrgyzstan takes the 90th place out of 223 countries in terms of the number of convicts.

«Kyrgyzstan is 23rd out of 31 countries of Asia in terms of the total number of prison population. There are 11 correctional institutions in the republic, including one female colony, one juvenile correctional colony, two medical penal institutions for people with tuberculosis, four colonies with strengthened security regime and three strict-regime colonies. The State Penitentiary Service has 13 penal settlements, seven pretrial detention centers and 50 departments of the penitentiary inspection under its jurisdiction,» the report says.