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Native of Kyrgyzstan, detained for policeman murder, did not shoot at him

A native of Kyrgyzstan, Nurlan Muratov, detained for murder of a policeman at Kurskaya metro station in Moscow, most likely, did not shoot at the police officer Andrei Raisky. Russian media published new version of the crime.

According to preliminary conclusions of forensic doctors, the sergeant died from a blow with a blunt instrument on his head. This instrument was probably the brass knuckle, which Nurlan Muratov carried.

The new version of the death of Andrei Raisky is as follows: after the sergeant stopped Muratov, the men for some reason went into the service toilet. A fight started there. During it, Nurlan Muratov hit the sergeant with a blunt instrument several times, the policeman managed to get a service pistol and shot. The bullet ricocheted in a small room twice and got Raisky into an eye. However, Andrei Raisky would still have died from the previous blow, perhaps in a couple of minutes.

One more detail: according to preliminary data, Nurlan Muratov’s fingerprints were not found on the service pistol, only that of the owner of the weapon, sergeant Andrei Raisky.

Nurlan Muratov, who is a native of Kyrgyzstan, but has Russian citizenship, does not admit his guilt.