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ISIL redeploys saboteurs into Central Asia

The terrorist organization ISIL (Islamic State), banned in Kyrgyzstan, trains and redeploys sabotage terrorist groups into Europe, Central, Southeast Asia and Russia. The Deputy Director of the Executive Committee of the Regional Antiterrorist Structure of the SCO Dzhumakhon Giesov stated. RIA Novosti reported.

«Successful suppression of the centers of resistance of terrorists in Syria forced the remaining militants to relocate, and their leaders — to activate foreign branches. The special structures created by ISIL are engaged in the recruitment, training and transfer of subversive and terrorist groups to Europe, Central, Southeast Asia, Russia,» Dzhumakhon Giesov said.

The head of the Intelligence and International Relations Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Sergey Beseda, said that the revenues of ISIL had decreased 10-fold since 2014.

«If we compare the financial receipts that were in 2014 and estimated at about $ 3 billion, now the militants of ISIL manage to get $ 200-300 million a year,» he said.

This is due to the fact that «the revenues from oil extraction and taxes that the militants imposed on the territories controlled by them have significantly decreased.»