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Best arm wrestlers compete within the World Nomad Games

The best arm wrestlers from 18 countries competed the day before at the 3rd World Nomad Games held in Issyk-Kul region.

Arm wrestling is the oldest sport, revived in the 1960s. The essence of it is the struggle on the hands between two participants. They are standing at a special table, resting their elbows on cushions. A winner is the one who first puts the arm of rival on the cushion. Competitions are held on the right and left hands.

«Our sport was for the first time included in WNG program and, I hope, will remain in it. It was included on the initiative of our federation. We think this will help make it even more popular in the Kyrgyz Republic,» Siezbek Abdyldaev, the President of the Armwrestling Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic, told 24.kg news agency. «This is a very affordable sports. Special equipment is not required. The main thing is the desire to train.»

At least 56 athletes fought for victory. Myrza Bilalov (Kyrgyzstan) became champion among the men in competitions on the left hand in weight up to 75 kg, up to 95 kg — Evgeniy Pridnyuk (Ukraine), up to 105 kg — Oleg Sazonov, over 105 kg — Dmitry Trubin. Oksana Pismennaya was the best among the women in weight up to 75 kg, over 75 kg — Antonina Lisyanskaya (all from Kazakhstan).

As for the competitions on the right hand, Myrza Bilalov, Evgeni Pridnyuk, Dmitry Trubin, Oksana Pismennaya and Antonina Lisyanskaya won gold medals in their categories. Mitko Petrov (Bulgaria) took the first place in the weight up to 105 kg.

In total, Kyrgyzstanis won two gold, a silver and four bronze medals.