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Ecologists tell why scientists from other countries interested in plants from KR

Scientists from different countries study wild plants that grow in Kyrgyzstan, because this is a genetic resource for new species. Dmitry Vetoshkin, Executive Director of Initiative Archa Public Foundation said at the presentation of the concept of creation of an Asian mountain garden in Bishkek.

«Kyrgyzstan is a cradle of a large amount of species of plants that have spread throughout the world. The republic has something to be proud of,» he said.

It is planned to create the Asian mountain garden in the Botanical Garden on Akhunbaev Street. «There is a huge work, scientists develop collections, conduct research and give recommendations for the landscaping of the country and the city. These collections should be accessible to society. The program for the development of the Botanical Garden — the concept of Asian mountain garden — was developed for this purpose,» Dmitry Vetoshkin told.

The main goal of the concept is to create the only garden in the world in which the flora of the mountainous Asia will be presented. It was presented to the government, the Academy of Sciences, the Presidential Administration. The interdepartmental working group has developed a plan for its implementation. Great support comes from the citizens.

«A preliminary plan was approved at the level of the town-planning council, we want to submit it for public discussion so that the townspeople can also express their wishes about the Botanical Garden in the city,» Dmitry Vetoshkin said.

According to him, it is planned to create such expositions as Living Red Book, Rare and Endangered Species, Fodder Cereals, Medicinal Herbs, Asian Pharmacy Garden and others in the mountain garden.