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Ombudsman's office has own candidate for post of ombudsman

The staff of the ombudsman’s office appealed to the leaders of six factions of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan with a request to nominate their colleague Urmat Aralbaev for the post of ombudsman. The Institute of Ombudsman reported.

According to him, the candidacy of Urmat Aralbaev was supported at the general meeting of the staff of the Institute of Ombudsman, which was held in August 2018.

Colleagues note that the candidate is 37 years old, he is a Candidate of Juridical Sciences, has a higher legal education, a rank of a public service adviser of the 1st class. He has been working in the ombudsman’s office since 2003 and heads the expert-legal department.

It should be noted that Ata Meken faction has already nominated Kanatbek Aziz, a Doctor of Juridical Sciences, for this post.

Human rights activist Rita Karasartova applied to all factions by herself.

Kubat Otorbaev resigned from the post of ombudsman on June 26. According to him, this decision was deliberate and was made without pressure from the outside.