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Ak-Keme management denies that UNICEF volunteers got poisoning in hotel

Representatives of Mulk state enterprise, which is in charge of Ak-Keme hotel, told in details about a mass poisoning of UNICEF volunteers.

It is noted that at least 130 people lived in the hotel complex Ak-Keme on August 23; about 43 of them were UNICEF volunteers, 42 athletes and 45 tourists from India.

After breakfast, the group of UNICEF volunteers left the hotel and returned only after 4 pm. At 7.00 pm, a dinner was served for all the guests of Ak-Keme hotel. It was the same for everyone.

«At night, several guests from the UNICEF volunteer group got a diarrhea. 43 people were taken to the infectious diseases hospital for examination. Two of them were hospitalized; the rest returned to the hotel. Volunteers did not have lunch at Ak-Keme, but ordered lunch boxes from private individuals. Other visitors who had breakfast and dinner with UNICEF volunteers feel well, they have no food poisoning symptoms,» the hotel representatives explained.