USD 69.74
EUR 79.24
RUB 1.05

National Bank of Kyrgyzstan intervenes for the 1st time in four months

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan for the first time in four months entered the foreign exchange market with intervention. Official website of the bank reports.

The National Bank sold $ 15.1 million with settlements on the date of the transaction and $ 3,950 million — with settlements different from the date of the transaction. A total of $ 19,050 million was put on the market at once to smooth the sharp growth in the dollar exchange rate.

The intervention did not yield any significant results. The U.S .dollar is still at a fairly high level. Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy it for 69.35 — 69.55 soms and sell for 69.6 — 69.7 soms. Nominal rate of the National Bank is 69,4905 soms (0.35 percent growth for a day.)

Representatives of the National Bank called the growth of the dollar a temporary phenomenon and urged the population not to panic.