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Bishkek City Administration officials, police check readiness of schools

Check of readiness of the general education organizations for the new academic year began in Bishkek. A special commission was created in the Bishkek City Administration, which includes representatives of the city hall, structural units, law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the sanitary and epidemiological supervision department.

The Vice Mayor of Bishkek Asel Kulambaeva noted that such commissions were formed annually. «After repair and preparatory work, schools are checked for readiness first by the district education centers, then by the mayor’s commission. Our task is not only to look at the appearance, but also to check the security, presence of fire points, cameras, how a school is provided with personnel, textbooks, what material and technical base it has. The schools have time to correct the detected shortcomings,» she said.

According to the Bishkek City Administration, the design capacity of all municipal schools in Bishkek is 75,975 people. But almost twice as many children attend them. In 2017, there were 147,160 children in the educational organizations.

«All our schools are overcrowded. The population of the city is increasing, including because of migration processes. But our task is to accept every student. This year, a school was built in Ak-Ordo with a design capacity of 960 places. But more children will attend it. The school 25 will be opened after reconstruction,» she noted.

According to her, the city authorities allocated over 130 million soms for repair of schools in 2018.