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At least 307 criminal cases initiated in energy, subsoil use sectors for 7 years

The law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan have opened 307 criminal cases in the spheres of energy and subsoil use from 2010 to 2017. The Prosecutor of the Department for Counteracting Corruption and Supervision over Implementation of the Laws of the Prosecutor General’s Office Ramazan Ibraimov told today at a round table discussion.

According to him, only one case was acquitted.

«At least eight cases were added to other cases, 86 criminal cases were suspended, 36 were stopped, 175 were sent to the courts, and two criminal cases are under investigation. The courts pronounced guilty verdicts against 104 people, 63 cases were ceased, one case was acquitted,» Ramazan Ibraimov said.

Based on the audit results for 2017-2018, four criminal cases were opened in the sphere of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use.

«At least 45,444 soms were returned to the state budget. The amount was reimbursed in monetary terms. Statistics shows that the laws are not observed in full in the sphere of energy and subsoil use,» Ramazan Ibraimov noted.