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Promo video for World Nomad Games released

The WNG Secretariat distributed a promotional video for the 3rd World Nomad Games.

The video is based on the symbols of the Kyrgyz people. It reflects traditions, life, sports and the people. The central images are the eagle hunters, golden eagle and yurt. Eagle hunting is a symbol of the antiquity of the Kyrgyz nomadic culture, the prototype of the great baatyrs. The golden eagle is a symbol of freedom, and the yurt is a symbol of hospitality and life in harmony with nature.

«We wanted to create an atmosphere of a real holiday on the screen, where everyone will find something he or she likes, in order a potential guest, who watched the video, to have a desire to visit Kyrgyzstan with family and enjoy the unique nature, spectacular sports and hospitality of the people,» the organizers of the Games noted.