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Budget receives almost 13 billion soms from securities issue

For January-July of 2018, the republican budget received 12,980.07 billion soms from the issue of state securities. The Ministry of Finance reported.

Thanks to the placement of state treasury bills with a circulation period of one year, the treasury was replenished by 1,852.9 billion soms.

The budget received most of all money from the placement of state treasury bonds (T-bills) — 11,127.17 billion soms. The most profitable were the state treasury bonds with a maturity of ten years. They were sold for 4,313.22 billion soms.

Seven-year T-bills brought other 2,482.15 billion soms. In addition, 1,517.78 billion soms were earned at the expense of five-year T-bills and 1,493.39 billion soms — due to two-year T-bills. Three-year T-bills were sold for 1,320.63 billion soms.

  • The state securities are debt instrument. The Ministry of Finance covers the budget deficit and cash gaps in the budget through their issue. State securities constitute the country’s domestic debt.