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Aziz Surakmatov tells about his plans as mayor of Bishkek

«If the residents and guests of the capital are uncomfortable in the city, then it is necessary to solve the problems that make it uncomfortable,» candidate for mayor of Bishkek Aziz Surakmatov said at the round table discussion Bishkek — City of Arts and Education.

He noted that there were many questions about city development. «The development will be carried out according to documents and legislation. Today, there is practically no development of the general plan of the city, because it is impossible to create a document that would suit the business. Today, the business determines what and how it wants to build, and the city authorities allow it or not,» Aziz Surakmatov said.

The candidate believes that it is necessary to find a middle ground between the minibuses and large-capacity transport, because the minibuses serve the districts, where buses or trolley buses do not go.

Aziz Surakmatov touched upon the ecology and landscaping issues, noting that many trees were cut down: part of them — because of the expansion of roads, part — after the falls. «There are objective reasons, but control is necessary and several trees must be planted instead of the felled,» he said.

Aziz Surakmatov said that his team was working on a program for the development of the city. All offers of citizens will be considered.

Elections of the mayor of Bishkek will be held on August 8. Aziz Surakmatov is the only candidate nominated by the majority coalition of the Bishkek City Council.