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EEU to control unauthorized alteration of cars

The Eurasian Economic Commission tightened the requirements for the vehicles in operation, including their alteration. The press service of EEC reported.

It is noted that in addition to this basic technical regulations on vehicle safety, there is a number of other documents prepared by EEC in cooperation with its member states. It is necessary to clearly fulfill their requirements: both by the controlling bodies responsible for admission of cars to participation in road traffic, and the owners of transport.

For example, car owners acquire so-called auto cuts, which are broken in half during a traffic accident. Or without an official permit, they install additional passenger seats to increase commercial profit.

All this causes great risks for the lives of passengers.

«The discussed issue is an important part of the commission’s work agenda. It is actually about the life and health of many citizens of our countries. In Russia alone, at least 19,000 people died in traffic accidents in 2017 which were caused by including various technical malfunctions, violations of the requirements of the EEU technical regulations on the safety of wheeled vehicles,» stressed Vyacheslav Burmistrov, Deputy Director of the EEC Department of Technical Regulation and Accreditation.

EEC representatives reported that, in order to improve road safety, the Commission was working on the introduction of an electronic auto passport system, as well as automating of the processes associated with the registration of cars.

Already in 2018, it will be possible to generate reliable electronic auto databases, which will have a single format for the entire union and will be updated in real time.

Representatives of EEU countries considered the issues of making changes to the construction of vehicles in service, tightening of control in this area, as well as the ability to monitor the organizations that are making changes in the design with the consequent check of the safety of the cars.