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Labor Ministry develops program to improve life of senior citizens in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan has developed a program to improve the quality of life of the senior citizens for 2018-2027. The document was submitted for public discussion.

According to the research, the demographic situation in the Kyrgyz Republic will change by 2050. The proportions of the two main groups — children under 15 and people over 60 — will intersect. Starting from this period, the country will be among the countries with aging population.

The number of men who were older than working age (63 years and older) was 134,500 people or 4.4% of the male population, and the number of women (58 years and older) — 313,400 people or 9.8% of the female population. The main part of the population older than working age is women, because their life expectancy is higher than that of men. 60-year-old women have a chance to live for about 20 years now, men — 15 years.

The death rate of men in Kyrgyzstan is 1.5 times higher than that of the women.

Elderly people, who have lived a relatively long life, experience certain psychophysical limitations regardless of the presence of diseases. In some cases, they are functionally incompetent or they need help from the outside.

The draft of the National Comprehensive Program for Improving the Quality of Life of Senior Citizens provides for four priorities: protection of rights, increasing the role in society, strengthening health, access to services. Its implementation will require 149.8 million soms.

In 2019, it is planned to allocate 14.2 million soms, in 2020 — 19.1 million soms.