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Two more roads closed for repairs in Bishkek

A section of Manas Avenue — between Bokonbaev and Gorky Streets — is closed for repairs in Bishkek since July 31. The Bishkek City Administration reported.

«Road works will be carried out within the framework of the project «Restoration of the road surface of Bishkek roads.» It is planned to finish the works on August 28,» the city administration noted.

Panfilov (east side of the avenue) and Bakaev (Chapaev) Streets will be used as bypass roads for this section of the avenue. Visitors of the State Registration Service can drive up from Gorky Street side.

A section of Togolok Moldo Street — between Bayalinov (Leningradskaya) and Botaliev (Shcherbakov) Streets- will be closed for repairs from August 2. It is planned to replace the roadway, equip the sidewalks and irrigation system, and install new road signs. Works will last until October 1. Orozbekov Street will serve as an alternative road.